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Employee Birthday

Have you ever thought about why it is so important to give your employee a corporate gift? Rather than giving them gifts just for the sake of fashion or current trends. Well, corporate gifts play an important role in your company's growth, be it any occasion like an annual function, Diwali, a company’s success party, or an employee’s birthday. Our personalized chocolate gifts are best-suitable for any occasion.

Why Is It Necessary to Give Gifts to Employees on Birthdays?

No wonder, gifts make people happier. Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? So giving gifts to employees any time of the year helps create a happier workplace. This also helps enhance employee productivity which in turn increases your company’s productivity. Show your employees that they are valued and appreciated by giving them gifts on their birthdays. By giving personalized gifts with message, you can show them that you care for them and you have a genuine connection with them.

Giving gifts like personalized chocolates improves staff morale and motivation. Giving a gift on a birthday is a simple way to show your employee that you care and think about them. If you boost their morale like this, it will automatically improve their efficiency at work. To have a positive impact and uplift them, it is very much necessary to give gifts on their birthdays.

This is the most affordable way to strengthen your relationship with employees. To foster a constructive work environment and increase positivity in the workplace, personalized gifts help a lot. It also strengthens the relationship between you and your staff. Gifts on birthdays can make your employees feel noticed and valued.    

Personalized chocolate gifts create a positive impact on employees and help retain your employees. Your employees will enjoy receiving gifts from your organization and feel appreciated as well as acknowledged. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to give your employees a unique gift. The pat on the back is not enough, you need to reward them with special customized gifts.

Things to Consider While Deciding on a Birthday Gift for an Employee

Birthdays are the perfect occasions to give them a gift. Gifting some employees on their birthdays and neglecting others may not be the best choice. Others might feel bad if you skip them. And it might turn into negativity in the workplace. So make sure to buy a gift for each and everyone’s birthday. Gifts need not be expensive. It should have a personal touch though. So, you can go for personalized gifts with personalised birthday messages.

You must also consider your employees’ age group while choosing a birthday gift. Older people like gifts which may not be expensive but simple. For younger employees, you should select something which is unique and useful too. Take your time while deciding on a gift because everyone is different. You can also ask for their preferences. Put everyone’s thoughts together to finalize the gift. Here are some tips and things to consider while deciding on a birthday gift for your employees.


For senior posts, as the employees get older and promoted to new positions in the company, they expect a lot from their company. And why not, as they deserve a lot too. They have different kinds of bonding with the company and the work environment they work in daily. Definitely, you should choose the birthday gifts for them wisely. For entry-level or newly joined employees a simple gift just as a token of love and warmth will be fine. It is difficult to choose a different kind of gift for a different position. You need to work a lot on it. So better if you choose something which is common and will be loved by anyone, no matter what their position in the company is. And, the one and only solution to that is personalized chocolate gifts for employees.


Younger people are techno-savvy whereas old people are not very fond of electronic gadgets. They prefer pen and paper. For young employees, you can choose birthday gifts something like a smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker, etc. People’s choices change with their age. As they grow, they prefer simple things. So while gifting something on their birthdays you must think of their age. If you are looking for a common birthday gift that will be loved by everyone regardless of their age, here is the solution. You are on the right track. Choco ManualART’s personalized chocolate gifts are at the rescue. Everyone loves chocolates, age doesn’t matter when it comes to chocolates.


This is the very basic thing to be considered while selecting a birthday gift for an employee. Female employees expect things that are useful and fancy too. So, gifts like kitchen appliances, fragrances, candles, etc can be given to them. They also like things with a personal touch. So printed chocolates are the perfect fit for female employees. For male employees, you can choose something like gadgets, sports, etc. They prefer useful gifts and not fancy or something decorative. If you are running out of ideas, again customized chocolate gift is the solution. After all, who doesn’t like chocolates?


If you keep thinking about all your employees’ points of view then you might run out of your budget. So remind yourself about the budget you have decided for each employee before buying a birthday gift. Look for pocket-friendly gift options if you are on a low budget. You don’t want to run your business at a loss. And Choco ManualART has an exclusive collection of personalized chocolate gifts that too pocket-friendly.

Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Employee’s Birthday.

If you are looking for quick and inexpensive ideas to make your employee’s birthday special, here we have curated some thoughtful ways to celebrate. Be creative and put a little thought into it.

Bring everyone together for a celebration of the birthday person and shower love on them. Recognize their contribution towards your company’s success. Appreciation from managers and higher authorities can make them feel really very special. What could be a better day than their birthday to let them know that they are valuable? Being recognized by their peers will boost their confidence and they will feel special. Prepare a speech for them. This will be the best birthday gift. To celebrate their birthday order some snacks, sweets, and beverages for the team. To share the sweetness of the day you can buy some customized chocolates which can be shared among all the employees. 

Getting extra money out of the blue is like getting a treasure. Surprise your birthday employee with bonus money if are on a high budget. This will definitely lighten up your employee’s special day. Along with a birthday gift, you can keep a surprise bonus money to make their day extra special. 

If you want to organize a birthday party for remotely working employees, it could be a bit challenging. Be a little creative, make a video and share it in the virtual meeting. You can also narrate their journey through a slideshow to praise their accomplishments. If you send some gifts to their address and ask them to open them at a virtual birthday party, it will be like the icing on the cake. No need to worry about the gift selection and delivery at their doorstep as long as ChocoManual ART is there for you. Just select from the catalog, your choice of personalized chocolate gift and leave the rest to us.

Decorate the birthday person’s desk or cabin before he/she arrives in the office. Surprise them at their desk where they spend all their day. You can make use of fresh flowers, candles, balloons, chocolates, etc. Also, add handwritten greeting cards from team members to make it more touching. You can also add their handmade gifts like a photo frame, or sticky notes with their achievements written on them.

To make it more fun and to do something different, you can arrange a treasure hunt for the birthday person at the theme party. Ask team members to make chits and clues that will lead the birthday person to the next destination and finally to the gift. If that gift is something like our personalized chocolate gift then that will definitely make birthday employee’s day go wow.

Choco ManualART Is Here to Help!

You can not be biased toward your employees when it comes to buying gifts on their birthdays. It will be unfair if you buy different gifts for different employees. Even if you buy gender-specific gifts and choose something for male employees and something else for female employees, they might feel that you are unfair to them. What is that common thing which will be loved by everyone regardless of their age, gender, position, or choice? And the answer is “Chocolates”. Yes, Choco ManualArt’s personalized chocolates are the perfect fit for your employee’s birthday no matter what their age or position is.

These chocolates are not just regular chocolates but you can add a personal touch to them.

Chocolates can be customized and branded with the company’s logo, employee’s name, and any other information you wish to print. You can print a photo of your birthday employee or any achievement he has done for the company. Our chocolates come in an elegant wooden box that can be customized as per your wish. Print any matter on the box and that box can be reused by them even after the chocolates are eaten. So the photo or company logo on that box will remain with them for years to come. And it will keep reminding them about your connection with them.

You can also get to write a birthday wish on a piece of butter paper which is kept inside the personalized gift box. So you do not need to add any birthday greeting cards separately. Create a heartfelt message for them to wish on their birthdays. You can also add in the message their achievements, and the efforts they have taken for the company’s success. With your warm and kind words in the message, the birthday employees will definitely feel the warmth and get motivated to work more hard. So think no more, just place an order and make your company a better and happier workplace for all your employees. The best part is that it is all online and you do not need to waste your time in the market looking for a gift. Select any personalized chocolate gift and we will deliver it to your doorstep with our hassle-free shipping all across India.

To Sum It Up

By giving your employees a personalized birthday gift, you can make your company a better place to work and have a healthy and happier environment. Select the gift for them wisely and stay within budget. Choco ManulART’s personalized chocolate gifts are the perfect fit. This is the one-stop online destination for personalized chocolate gifts.

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