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To further enhance the gifting concept, we have developed a one-of-a-kind concept to make the gift even more memorable. Make the day even brighter by having a photo or name printed on your chocolate gift. Your personalised chocolate gift in elegant wooden packaging, suitable for any occasion. Personalized chocolate gifts with beautiful themes are available for birthdays, anniversaries, love, Diwali, Rakhi, and even for corporate or wedding occasions.

Diwali Corporate Chocolate Gifts

"Indulge in Luxury: Elevate Your Corporate Gifting with Delectable Chocolate Delights"
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Personalised Chocolate Gift. More then just a Gift

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Each gift is created with love and feelings.

Hey, are you surveying for impressive gift ideas these days?


Our exciting range of anniversary gifts will incline you with zeal and energy. We offer you custom-printed chocolates for your soul mates on this special occasion. All love chocolates, be they kids or elders, teens or elders. Hence, this is an ideal gift for your spouse. We offer you a custom-printed range of chocolates that you can get as your preference. You can get your names, pictures, quotes, and initials printed on the chocolates. ...

Such customized Anniversary Chocolate Gifts are no less than a merry blast. Therefore, why not be creative and unique? Each time the delicious chocolates will be eaten together, your love will be spoken. The beautiful shapes of chocolates make the idea look more bewitching.

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The company of a beloved wife is as important as oxygen. Therefore, to make your spouse more loved and closer to you, we offer you custom photo-printed chocolates with birthday designs in catchy shapes. Such a birthday gift chocolate box for your wife India with a high wave of energy and a loud bang of warmth will surely let you win the heart of your wife. On this birthday, present her the tempting chocolates to bring a more intense smile to her face. She not only will enjoy the chocolates but also will enjoy the feeling of being important and special. Seeing a genuine smile will make you overwhelmed with joy.

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Chocolates hold the great power to make depressed hearts and annoyed faces happier and lighter instantly. Therefore, we offer you custom-printed chocolates that will serve you as the most attractive Best Wishes Gift designs. We offer you rich and tasty chocolates with custom-printed photos, quotations, dates, memorable phrases, and other best wishes notes as per your desire. Everyone loves chocolates regardless of age, gender, time, and mood.

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Happiness is giving gifts. Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Diwali, Christmas, or best wishes, gifts have always been part of our Indian tradition. So why not congratulate near and dear ones with a gift too? If you need to decide what gift to buy to congratulate them, keep reading. Our personalized chocolate gifts are a perfect fit for any occasion, let us see how.

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Love and romance make people glow with a shine on their faces and warmth in their hearts. Ignite the feelings of your loved one toward you with personalized chocolate gifts specially made to say “I Love You”. Add a touch of nostalgia with customization ideas to surprise your special someone. Be in tune with your partner by giving them personalized chocolate gifts. Before buying any gift for them, you must find what your partner finds romantic, a greeting card, red roses, or a box of chocolates. Let us, deep dive, into romantic gift ideas which are sure to make them feel loved.

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Really missing someone very badly? The best way to let them know about it and convey your feelings is to send them delicious chocolate gifts. There could not be any better or lovely way than sending personalized chocolates to let them know that you are thinking about them. Choose from our range of “miss you” specially customized chocolates. Adding a thoughtful, heartfelt personalized message can make it more special. But before directly buying a gift and all, have you ever thought of why we miss someone?

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We are human beings and we all do mistakes no matter small or big. There are moments in everyone's life when we feel sorry. To make things back to better as earlier, we use those three magical words “I am sorry”. But communicating these three words of sorry can be hard sometimes. Here we have curated the best ways in which you can ask for an apology and make your relationship happier again. Let us see, how personalized chocolate gifts can be used to do so.

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To feel more connected to your loved one, express gratitude and say “Thank You”. You can do this by sending them flowers, teddies, or personalized chocolate gifts. Gift them “Thank You” personalized chocolates to take your relationship to the next level. This simple but unique gesture will make them feel delighted and they will get more connected to you. Never miss a moment or any occasion to be thankful for. Our customized chocolate box with a personal touch is the perfect way to express gratitude to a loved one.

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Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolates are sweet and so is love. The sweetest gift of all is an exclusively designed chocolate made especially for your special someone. Chocolate is a universal symbol of love and affection. And when it comes to Valentine’s Day, every sweet-toothed lover wants to treasure his or her partner with something special. Now, our custom chocolate gift ideas are sure to make your valentine fall in love with you all over again!

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You are looking for the best chocolates for the proposed day. Choco ManualArt can send gifts, and chocolates to your friends and family with a beautifully wrapped box on the proposed day. Chocolate is a universal symbol that fits any purpose and occasion. This is a healthy and yummy way to tell her how much you value her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. Chocolate is a symbol of love, affection, and romance. Every time a man includes chocolate in a gift he conveys that he thinks his girlfriend or wife is worth melting over. This thing makes a section of your life brightened with contentment and happiness.

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It's Chocolate Day and at Choco ManualART they love chocolate as much as you do. But unlike you, they not only eat it, but they also sell it! That's right. If you're planning on buying some chocolates online, go no further because Choco ManualART has a variety of delicious treats for your valentine. Chocolate Day is one of the most important days of Valentine's Week.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you need to give someone an unplanned gift? A small and yet dear surprise? Or just want to avoid Valentine's Day hustle or vice versa and want to make the day more special. How about something like Teddy Day chocolate gifts from The Choco Gift? We can send any gifts from anywhere? What better way than with chocolate? And not just any chocolate—creative and delicious in taste chocolate from The Choco Gift!

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If you are going to plan an event ahead or some special occasion is coming which demands you to present your loved ones with some impressive gifts, this page is for you. If your mind is not perceiving something very striking, fret not! We are here to facilitate you in this tricky yet exciting game. Market is full of gift items but what you need is unique, idiosyncratic and creative. Isn’t it so? We offer you this combo. Chocolates! These are not just chocolates, but finest quality handmade chocolate box. The chocolates are printed chocolates. Seems interesting? Let’s dive into our work stream to see what we have for you. Browse Choco Manual ART premium collection of birthday chocolate box gift.

Chocolates are the first love of each human.

A variety of tastes is introduced to human when he becomes a part of this planet. Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the finest tastes he is introduced with. Along with the divine taste of chocolate, certain health benefits are also associated with chocolates. The only condition is that it should be of first-rate quality. Ours is homemade and handmade diwali chocolate gift boxes that gives you all what you need. From taste to texture and from aroma to variety, it fulfills your demand and desire truly. Therefore, from tots & toddlers to teens and from elders to senile, everyone loves chocolates as an evergreen treat.

Customized chocolate box specially designed with featured traits.

We offer you various options to play with. There is a flexibly great margin for the customers to customize their chocolate boxes for wedding invitation gift boxes . Our Customized chocolate box is designed with individuality and is featured with traits that satisfy your quest in the best way. You can customize the color schemes, imagery, printing and other elements as per your choice. Such a planned chocolate box presented as a gift will leave no stone unturned to impress your loved one. You can get the photos of your loved ones printed on the chocolates. Doesn’t it sound cool and glam? Oh It’s just wao! Imagine the smile on the face of the gift receiver on seeing his or her photo on the chocolate. Think of the energy on his/her face on eating a chunk of chocolate with a memorable photo. Majestic indeed! You can print solo pictures, group pictures, random clicks anything that reminds you of the beauty of the moment. The beauty of idea lies in the essence of memory associated with you two. Not only you can print the photos of your loved ones but you can also print other images in relevance to the theme. Quotes and dates can also be printed smartly. Special phrases and taglines can also be chosen. Browse The Choco Gift premium collection of Chocolate gift for valentines day.

Personalized gifts always stay in mind, heart and thoughts.

Yes, and mind makes memories, heart creates emotions while thoughts generate feelings. We offer you so many options with so many ideas. You can go for the one that you deem fit the most. You can get these Personalized Chocolate Gifts for your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend and others. This is an ideal token of love for various occasion such anniversaries, birthdays, success parties, memorable days etc. You can make the special days rather more memorable and special through this inspiring gift. Enjoy these special moments with unique and personalized ideas.

Awe inspiring Chocolate gift boxes will make you frozen

So are you ready to see the inspiring charisma of the Chocolate gift boxes? Ours is the name of trust and excellence. Therefore, we assure you with confidence that whatever we deliver you is a fusion of quality, grace and aesthetics. Striking deals of our quality chocolate box will let you sway around with happiness and victory. Visit our website and see the plethora of proposals for your events. No matter what day is coming ahead. We make customized sweet boxes for all events such as wedding ceremonies, achievements, convocation celebrations, baby announcement, childbirth celebrations and many others

Our scrumptious handmade chocolates will take you to a fantasy world.

Until now, have you imagined the taste of our chocolates? Have you thought it as scrumptious and silky, balanced and crunchy? You are absolutely right. We bet! Our Handmade chocolates are flavorful and aromatic that will activate all your senses and will wake up your mind. Both plain and flavored varieties are available. A wide variety of nuts and dry fruits is added. Center-filled caramel, crunch, chocolate syrup, honey and others are available. We also have fully customized range of handmade chocolate gift box with suitable and luxurious embellishments. Beads, pearls, bows, ribbons, frills, straps, leather, fabric, satin, silk, velvet and much more is used in giving life to the chocolate gift boxes. Order as per your choice and mood. Whatever you chose, we offer our best.

Let’s hug the vexed ones via Chocolate message box.

Is somebody close to you annoyed or vexed with you? You wanna be at good terms with them? It’s the time to break the ice. Stop struggling with words and simply send the Chocolate message box . They surely will be melted on this gesture. You can send the chocolate message boxes with cool graphics also for other purposes such as complementing them with any event invitations, sending any proposal, saying thanks and a lot others.

Grace your happy events with homemade chocolate hampers

Are you planning for some event to celebrate your success or merriment? Are you scratching your mind to bring innovation? We suggest you honoring your guests with some lovely souvenirs or hampers. Nothing can be as best as chocolates as they energize all age groups equally. Our Homemade chocolate hampers are ideally a good fit for the purpose of gracing your events. Simply scroll through the website and choose the one that suits you. Order online and enjoy a fast delivery. The homemade chocolate will definitely win the hearts of your guests and you will receive admiration for both the taste and idea. This sweet little package will add more stars to the celebration. Pick out your favorite homemade chocolate gif box to make these distributions look more appealing and worthy.

Get the chocolates in prepossessing Chocolate packaging boxes India.

We not only pay heed to the quality, texture and taste of chocolates in particular but we also keep the packaging prior. Our sole purpose is to serve the clients with quality from all angles. Our packaging layouts are available on the website. Moreover, for customized options, you can communicate us through our templates or direct from your mind. Our adept team will connect with your ideas and will serve you with the right thing you are in need of. This is why we always advocate that “Shop with trust”. We guarantee you that our Chocolate packaging boxes India will make you rock.

Our chocolate gift box handmade is the ultimate choice of our clientele.

Chocolate gift box handmade is our signature deal. With utter care and extreme precision, we put all our efforts into creating something really standing out that you can simply call PERFECT. Thriving for the best is our objective and looking for the best is yours. We meet both because we are the masters of our work. Our handmade boxes for encasing the mouthwatering chocolates are always at the best ranking. They are manufactured with A-grade material using finest tools and latest techniques that give a sheer finishing.

Some extra special bonus for corporate sector.

For industries and organizations, we bring corporate chocolate gifts. The employees working for your business are your family. It is their dire hard work that makes you more recognized. Hence, you need to appreciate their laborious efforts in your favor. Agreed? Any ideas for this token of appreciation? We have the most exquisite one for you! Go for personalized chocolates. This is the time to give treat your corporate family with some taste activators and chocolates are unbeatable and irresistible. Corporate chocolate gift boxes with customized printing will fetch your heart for sure and you will second your own decision. Happy staff happy business is our motto. Get customized printing of themes, brand logos, quotes, dates regarding the past, present and future prospects of your organization. Eating the chocolates with customized corporate theme printing, the staff will definitely feel a vibrant wave of energy that will arouse more motivation in their blood and bones.

Place your orders now to get your hands on Premium chocolate box.

So is it all what you want? Have you made up your mind on bringing some delicious chocolaty twist in your day? If our chocolaty proposals fit into your frame of requirements and demands, what are you waiting for? Place your orders right now. The contact numbers and email address are given on the website. Place the order for our Premium chocolate box online after keen consultation and satisfaction. Within a turnaround of 4 to business days, you will receive your order. We are economical, quality-oriented and friendly in our dealing. For upcoming offers, keep visiting the website.

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