Celebrating the birthday of children is always a special affair. Same for organizing a birthday party for adults that witness get together of family, friends, and relatives around.

If you are thinking to organize one no matter for any of the children or big ones in the family, sending a birthday invitation is the first and foremost step. People send birthday party invitations to near and dear ones letting them date, day, and venue of the party and a gesture of respect for everyone.

In most cases, you think of sending a small gift as a matter of respect along with the invitation of the birthday party. If that is the case, then why don’t you mix both the things into one particular printed chocolate box for a birthday invitation gift?

Offering a box of sweet pieces of chocolates is special to showcase your respect towards others and offer them something extra. On the other side, customized feature of printed chocolates offered by Choco ManualART allows you to print your invitation inside the box itself including of all the details like date, day, and place of the party.

We here at Choco ManualART gives you every single reason to showcase love and mutual respect for others by offering specially printed birthday invitation gift of chocolates. Additionally, customized feature allows you to give one single box both as an invitation and a gift.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday’, it certainly feels amazing when you hear these lines on the day you were born. Similarly, wishing someone’s birthday and offering a gift is equally special.

Now, make this occasion goes all the special and memorable by presenting magnificent looking Birthday chocolates fully printed with fantastic designs of your choice. Change the overall concept of giving the best birthday gifts and move over clothes, photo frames, and accessories for a while. Give something of memorable significance that sure to lasts for a longer duration of time. Additionally, preserve such a gift to showcase it to others let them go gaga over it.

Place your order of the best birthday gift with Choco ManualART as a box of printed chocolate and choose the number of pieces inside. On the other side, there is an option of laying hands on a chocolate bar which is customisable too as per your requirement.