Travel is love of life for many who like to experience the pleasure of different culture, people, tradition, places, and food itself. The very desire to measure foreign lands and seek the beauty of diversified areas that compel you to search for magnificent destinations all around the globe.

How about this time you take a different road towards indulgence that is in terms of having a chocolate tasting tour at some of the best places. Just fill up your tummy with rich and creamy flavors of sweet treats prepared best at some exotic destinations where you can have the unbeatable memories.

So, let’s take on the chocolate joy ride towards best tasting destinations of the world.

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Brussels, Belgium

Best known as the Chocolate Capital of the World, your love affair for chocolate definitely starts with Belgium. For years, the city has been considered as the originator and epitome of tasting multiple varieties of treats dating back to the year 1919. The famous Musee du Cacao et du Chocolate museum is completely dedicated to showcase the history, creativity, and preparation behind the world’s finest and tastiest creation that is chocolate. Another interesting fact is the numbers of chocolate shop locate after every per square feet that allows you to taste the pleasure of lip-smacking flavors.

Hershey, USA

The name itself is quite popular here where you have the very own chocolate syrup and juice that you love the most. In actual terms, Hershey is an actual city that changed its name from model town to Hershey due to the set up of world’s most renowned chocolate making brand. At present, the city has its own chocolate theme park where rides and chocolate spa are ready to amuse all the travelers flocking here from different parts of the globe.

Paris, France

If you love to taste the pleasure of healthy dark chocolate, then Paris is your next stop for chocolate adventure. Being a couple visit the lovely city of Paris to ignite the fire of romance along with screening more than 300 chocolate shops mostly of which deal in offering variety of dark chocolates. Over here in Paris, one can also witness the vibrant event of World’s Chocolate Master Championships in which masters of the chocolate make the best use of skill to create masterpiece in sweet delight.

Tuscany, Italy

The wine capital of Italy is also famous for its wonderful creations of dark and orange flavored gelato chocolates. A land of sweet in Italy can be your ideal reaching destination in the search for sumptuous taste and appealing presentation. Come here to visit the vineyards, the Chocolate Valley, and various shops around.

Tain L’Hermitage, France

Those who love to learn the art of creating masterpiece in chocolate should definitely visit Tain L’Hermitage in France. The School of Grand Chocolate Valrhona is set up to bring the inside baker and chocolate artist in you by teaching the fine art of mixing substances and creating delectable pieces of chocolates.

 New York

The city that never sleeps is also in the list of chocolates heavens on earth. Best known for creating and offering all flavors of chocolates in multiple shapes and sizes is the specialty of the city. Come here to check out the famous Serendipity frozen hot chocolates, Jacques Torres’s European-style Café, and more.

 The love for chocolate is inevitable and constantly growing among taste lovers. World is having the creations of sweet delight whereas current take on is the craze for printed chocolates giving an opportunity to taste and show artistic creativity at the same time.