We all have sweet tooth for various kinds of sweets available at the marketplace. Specially in a country like India, where different regions are famous for their unique set of sweets that we like to taste especially during the travel and festive times. Despite of the innumerable varieties of sweets we encounter on a daily basis, chocolates have their own set of identity and importance for us. At the ChocoManualArt you get best chocolates.

Chocolate the first love of children to get lost into rich creamy flavors of the added sugars and milk flavours inside. On the other side, body builders and healthy freaks like to lay hands on dark chocolate having a bittersweet nature and several health benefits.
But, what is there lies between milk chocolate and the dark chocolate. What is the difference between the two? Why people say to consume less of milk chocolate and more of dark chocolate? Why there is so much debate about the same?
Well, to answer all such questions, we are here give you some relevant information regarding milk chocolate vs dark chocolate.

So, first come up with milk chocolate which is extra sweet, smooth, creamy and have a maximum numbers of eaters in the world. A milk chocolate is a composition of milk, added sugar, preservatives, and most importantly around 10% of rich cocoa. All these flavours added to make a single piece of chocolates goes and full of fats and carbohydrate elements. Normally speaking, it is not at all healthy to consume milk chocolate on a daily basis as it could increase the level of sugar intake inside the body and fat levels too.
Despite of all that, sweet milk chocolates are best to consume during festive seasons like Diwali for personal gifting pleasure. On the other side, corporate gifts also contain chocolates made up from milk to savour the taste of many individuals.
Now, lets focus on not so sweet dark chocolate having no milk and added sugar inside. Having at least 65% of cocoa inside that makes dark chocolate a bittersweet nature, it is quite healthy due to the presence of high nutritional value inside.
Especially for healthy freaks and body builders, dark chocolate can do wonders to increase the flow of blood, keeps heart goes healthy, boost performance, degrade the risk of diabetes, and several other benefits.
So, now you must be having an idea about the real difference between milk and dark chocolate that keeps your bodily functions in control as per the requirement.