The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifts on Diwali

One of the most significant festivals in Indian culture is Diwali. Every year it is celebrated by millions of people with the same excitement and enthusiasm. Everyone exchanges gifts, sweets, chocolates with each other, be it family members, relatives or friends. Even in the world of business, it has become mandatory to exchange or distribute corporate diwali gifts to the employees, clients to make them feel valued. For better professional relationships, you must shower them with diwali gifts, goodies, or chocolates on Diwali.

Choosing the perfect Diwali corporate gift could be tricky. You need to make sure that everyone likes the gift and at the same time it should be meaningful and thoughtful. To leave an impression on employees, clients, or any stakeholders, you need to come up with creative corporate gifting ideas. But the question is, how? Here is the ultimate guide to find the perfect corporate diwali gift.

Points to Keep In Mind While Deciding the Final Gift

  1. Plan in advance : With proper planning in advance, you can avoid last minute rush, rise in prices, or availability of gifts you desire. If you start planning Diwali corporate gifts in advance, you will get enough time to think and decide the perfect Diwali corporate gift to make your company’s stakeholders feel delighted.
  1. Do not compromise on quality : For giving a fulfilling corporate gift, it is very important to not compromise on the quality of the Diwali gift you give. It makes your employees feel that you value them and you are giving corporate diwali gifts just to follow the company’s tradition. If you are low on budget, choose quality over quantity. For example- Rather than giving a Diwali gift chocolate box of 12 chocolates, you can choose a box of 6 chocolates which are of excellent quality.
  1. Timely arrival of gifts : While placing the order, check with the gifting company how long they take to deliver the products. As you place the bulk order, production and packaging time may get increased so as said earlier, plan in advance to make sure you get the gifts ahead of time. Also track the shipment of the gifts.
  1. Choose unique gifts : Do not hesitate to choose the unique or customized corporate diwali gifts for your employees. Think out of the box and do not be afraid to choose the unique gift if you want your gift to stand out. While doing so, think about your employees too. What would be unique yet practical for them to use or consume.
  1. Presentation : To catch the receiver’s attention in the first look, put efforts on the presentation of the gift. The first impression is everything and the presentation is the key. Check packaging of the gift you have chosen from the gifting company. If you do not like the outside packaging, you can put some effort and add a personal tag to it.
  1. Personalization is the new trend : To make an instant connection with the receiver, choose personalized corporate diwali gifts. If you select personalized diwali gift hampers, it will easily differentiate your gift from the pile of gifts on Diwali. Give a personal touch to the corporate diwali gifts.
  1. Add personal note : Put a tag on the gift box or put a custom designed card with a personal message inside the box. You can ask your gifting company to do that. Or you can simply choose ChocoManualART’s customized diwali chocolate boxes. It has a personal note or message chosen by you printed on paper and kept inside the chocolate gift box.

Thoughtful Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas

  1. Assorted Dry-Fruits : A box of assorted dry fruits is considered to be the classic diwali corporate gift. Full of health benefits, the box of dry fruits is not only a traditional gift option but also looks elegant.  It is also suitable for bulk corporate gifts as they are pretty much easy to transport and distribute.
  1. Feng-Shui : Diwali is considered to be the most auspicious festival in India and it is the festival of happiness and joy. The artistic figures of feng shui are considered to be lucky. They also bring happiness and you see them in almost every Indian home. Laughing buddha, tortoise, wind chimes are the most common feng shui elements and they are perfect for corporate gifting ideas.
  1. Desk Essentials : Your employees spend most of their time at the workplace rather than at home. Even in the situation of working from home after a pandemic, they spend more time on the desk for office work. So, the desk essentials like digital organizer, professional diary, notepad and pen will increase the vibe of their workspace.
  1. Electronic Gadgets : Electronic gadgets will assist your employees in their work and they are the best corporate gifts for diwali. Portable bluetooth speakers, headphones, power bank, fitness watch are the trending gadgets. And they will surely be loved by everyone in your company.
  1. Home Decor : Diwali is the festival of lights. Along with the lights and diyas, everyone decorates their house to the fullest. Home decor with some candles or diyas could be the best corporate diwali gift. You can choose any home decor like brass diya, aroma diffuser, candle holder, and much more.
  1. Gift Cards : Be it Diwali, Christmas or any other occasion, gift cards are the best corporate gifts for all seasons. Your employees get the flexibility to choose their own gift and they can buy something they desire or they would use. You can also directly deliver the gift cards to your employees inbox through a suitable vendor.
  1. Delightful Chocolates : Chocolate is an evergreen gifting option. Whether you choose dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or exotic handmade chocolate, you never go wrong with it. Diwali chocolate boxes are considered to be the most desired corporate gift for Diwali.

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