Birthday’s are said to be a special event for a single person who has born into this world. Getting a year older is always a special day not just for you but for near and dear ones around. Be it like you have a new born who has just turned one, any kid in the family whose  birthday  is on the cards or any elder one, the occasion is really special every single year with a moment to share love, happiness, and tranquility.

Celebrating such occasion is always a matter of great zeal and excitement for every single. This is the moment that you cherish for years with all the invited guests around that include old friends and relatives. Much more amazing is for kids uniting together to have a gala time with each other.

Now, we at Choco ManualART has brought up an all-new special reason for making your birthday even more special any memorable  by way of offering printed chocolates as a brthday invitation.

Gone are the days of mere calling or sending messages to loved ones for an in-house birthday party or outside. Now, try all the new and sweet way out by laying hands on edible & printed chocolates that are impressively offered by us.


A whole new concept of sending birthday invitation can be done with the help of our chocolate creating and packing experts. Rely on us to let the birthday invitation be unique and memorable for long-lasting years. Come to us and find the mesmerizing and extra sweet customized chocolate printing service that allows you to send an amazing invitation to friends, family, and relatives in a cost-effective manner.

Creating eye-catchy, appealing and your choice of custom printed gifts of chocolate is our main forte that can make your day all the more special. If you are organizing a kid’s birthday at home, then do not forget to avail personalized sweets like chocolates as ideal invitation. Let us print dazzling cartoon prints on the chocolate as well as on the boxes with an equally sweet message on the top of it.

Create a sense of amazement and excitement in the heart of little naughty ones and let the birthday bash be all the more exploding and memorable. Equally impressive for elders calling their working colleagues or friends around with the birthday is nearby around. Now, make the best out of chocolate printed service and design your own chocolate bar with our expert advice and working scenario. Especially for grown up, we can create sophisticated looking message on the birthday invitation chocolate box in order to bring a smile on the face of receiver.

Being an experienced and elite chocolate printed company running successfully with having an expert team behind, it is our motto to make every single occasion goes unforgettable. Simply due to such reason, we offer customized and personalized printing service on chocolate that allows you organize a surprise birthday bash for loves one and let the guests be amazed by your enriched sense of hospitality and unique way of sending invitation.

So, it is time to start making preparation for the next birthday party in the house or at the workplace and let invitation of customized chocolate boxes be as unique as it sounds to the eyes of the receiver.