Chocolate lovers are endless including of the fitness freaks who cannot resist the rich creamy taste of cocoa. No doubt in saying the fact that, guilt of eating chocolate is no less than a crime that one commits against his/her body. But, sometimes, this very crime let you travel the whole world and create magnificent memories of a lifetime.

With all that means, chocoholics all across the world have a chance to eat, smell, and see chocolate everywhere by attending some of the famous chocolate festivals being organized in different parts of the world.

Yes, you have read it right, we are talking about festivals completely dedicated to chocolate eating, making, designing, and even wearing.

Here’s the list of some of the popular chocolate festivals that you cannot afford to miss.

Big Chocolate Show, New York, USA

This is a 2-day chocolate event best organized in the fall season of New York. Famous chocolatiers, chefs, and bakers participate in the event to create their own set of masterpieces that are extremely sweet. Being a sweet tooth, anyone can attend the festival to taste, attend chocolate making classes, get a free demo, and look for delightful creations of the whole festival.

Perugia Chocolate Festival-Eurochocolate

Head towards the romantic and magnificent land of Italy, where the 10-day lasting chocolate festival takes place every single year. Feel astonished to see life-size chocolate sculpture and various forms of artwork all made up of sweet and creamy chocolates. Tasting the same is also the major element of the event.

Paris Chocolate

Come to Paris in the month of October where unbeatable fashion trends meet sweet chocolate. Models grace the ramp wearing dresses having artistic chocolate work that can only be found here. Followers from all across the globe come here to witness the event and feel surprised to see the wearing effect of chocolates.

 Chocolate Expo Long Island

The largest chocolate event of the US is the Chocolate Expo Long Island. No less than a motor show, here comes more than 90 chocolate vendors, bakers, chocolate artists, wine makers, and other major players to showcase their sweet creations in display. Apart from that, music, dance, feasting, and chocolate tasting are part and parcel of the event.


Chocolate Fest Burlington

A kind of different chocolate experience that you here in this event. Mainly chocolate artists participate in the event to create fascinating structures out of chocolate like that of a full mansion, zoo, animals, and much more. This particular event happens in the month of May.

Events dedicated to chocolates have no end and no limit. You can think of attending any particular one or all whenever you feel like and get lost in the rich creamy flavour of the sweet treat.

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