Tasting the rich creamy chocolate at once is something a matter of quick decision as most of us long for that delectable taste of smooth creamy flavour. But, have you ever tried to understand or know the overall process of chocolate making literally from the harvesting step?

Most of you have an idea about the cocoa being extracted and processed to form delectable range of creamy chocolate. But there are few more stages in between that one should know to understand the true hardships of farmers to create a diversified range of pure chocolate that does not have any comparison with anything.

Process of Making Chocolate from the Raw Fruit

Cocoa surely the base of a chocolate through which you get your lip-smacking range of chocolates including printed chocolates of various shapes, sizes, and flavours. The fruit of cocoa also called pods are in the size of 5-12 inches is being planted on trees inside which contains manifold cocoa seeds. Mainly farmers in the African and area close to Equator due to having hot and moderate set of climate grow a multiple varieties of cocoa pods on trees.

Once the fruit is ready to pluck basically in the yellow shade, they are being taken off from trees and seeds along with a pulp like material inside. This is the  fermentation process in which seeds are keep inside covered with a mat or banana leaves. The fermentation period can last for about 2-9 days to soak up the moisture from the seeds and make them ready for the next stage of drying.

Drying process is important to keep all the seeds under the light of the sun for a brief period of 1-2 weeks. Once the same is done, seeds are now shipped to the manufacturing authorities who further process the raw material into a finished yet tasty set of products.

Next shells are broken of the seeds and inside material is roasted to develop a lip-smacking flavour and then turn into a cocoa liquor. Once it is done, cocoa butter, sugar, and other materials are added to fully develop the rich and sweet taste of the chocolate.

Lastly, conching is the process that involves rolling, kneading, heating, and aeration of chocolate to make it eatable wide across the globe. Additionally, finished product is ready to go under several moulds to acquire a desirable size and shape and ready to get shipped among chocolate lovers spreading in every single direction of the world.

 Creativity Stage

Apart from all the necessary stages of creating a pure taste of chocolate, one appealing step that we conduct here is the creative part. Customization is the key to bring more and more attraction. This is what being done here as chocolates are printed with amazing looking design, text, logo, and pictures of your choice. Specifically to utilize the same as corporate gifts mainly for the upcoming Diwali season is the main motive to gift something of high value and that involves hardcore process of generating a finished and rich flavoured product.

With ChocoManualArt You know the process of chocolate made.